Elohvey's Poetry, Songs, and Stories


Thorn Rose


The feeling of thorns on roses prick the skin
A pale bloody hand is trying to reach within
The inner depths of everything that is you
It wants to scoop out only your love that is true

But you profess that it can’t take your love
It’s gone, that you have no one left to love
But deep in your soul you have fleeting thoughts
That you found the one, and they’ve been caught

Inside a web of emotion that connects to
Your heart, and maybe, perhaps maybe, they have a clue
But they don’t love you, thorns and shadow convince you
The pale hand grips tightly, squeezing blood out of you

It has hopes that you will be empty of all feeling
It wants to consume you, it likes the thought of stealing
Everything that is you, so a yellow sharp tooth grin will smirk
And thorns rip and rip pieces of you away with only a shirk

Letter- Write about words, living on paper. The world that they live in and what they would do.

In his book is a life different from his own.
A place that he would rather call home.
A place he goes to travel, to play, to dream.
A place where he goes alone.

But he wishes and hopes
That maybe someday,
More people will choose
To come over and play.

Family- Talk about your family but in the form of a comparision between the dichotomy (ie adult v child, old v young , etc. )

They are just a fading breathe on the wind

We are a drop of blood in a fountain

They are frail, going, gone, pale

We are fierce, vibrant colors

They are slow, graceful, weak and wise

We are fast, brash, strong, and clumsy

They we are one and the same

They we will die and fade some day

Motion – Focus on something that happens while you move and make a poem around that.

So she doesn’t step.
So she must step.

She steps and steps.
She moves and sees.

So she slows down.
So she moves fast.

So she hears then.
So she steps once.

She steps that way.
She steps this way.

She moves to song.
So she dances.

Planets – Look outside Earth and write a story of the world beyond our reach.


Hey now, what’s that sound?
Everybody is looking down.
But the world is calling out to you.

Hey now, what that sound?
Everybody’s looking around.
The world is calling out to you.

Wind soars pass the bubble.
That you keep yourself locked in.
Away from the wind.

Watch now, don’t stop now.
Just let that little bubble break.
And you’ll open up to the world.

Oh the sound, the universe is singing.
Love, sweet love, you can’t stop it now.
With the world calling you.
You can’t call back.
You’ll try and try.
But you only make a, tiny sound.
A tiny sound.

Hey now what’s that sound?
Everybody is looking down.

Clouds – Imagine a journey in the clouds and write about that.

Up here, I’m above the world.
Up here, I’m on a big track.
It spans miles and miles beyond.
I entrust my heart, my soul,
My everything, anything.
To you and then only you.
I’m on a dream that floats high.
A dream that could bend or break.
To take a chance to sore here.
It looks like it is worth it.

Until the end – Write about something you don’t want to end.

The smiles.
The laughs.
The hurts.
The pain.
The feel.
The life.
The death.
The thoughts.
The thought.
The strength.
The time.
The fights.
The fight.
The aim.
The great.
The bad.
The bland.
The bright.
The sad.
The sight.
The sound.
The noise.
The smell.
The food.
The yearn.
The love.
The hate.
The me.
The them.
The us.
The you.
The we.
The earth.
The end.

Fin – As with every journey, there needs to be an end. Write about the end of something.

I walk your path, which is empty yet continuous.
My heart flutters only slightly since I know you’re done.
I see new faces that will take my place in mere days.
Despite that, I walk forward with strong strides, face solid.
And then I see images. Images of my past.
I’m joyous, I’m free, I’m without a care in the world.
Tears flow forward but do not spill. I turn away then.
That’s gone, but I could always go back. If there’s time.

Prompt: Extra- Writing about an end that didn’t really end.

I look down at my calloused feet
And feel the sun’s heat. Beat me down.
But as I look up into the
Hot, flaming sky. I know I’m just
A second that’s meant to pass by.
I might not have ended yet, but
To the world, I haven’t even
Begun to be seen. Nor will I.
I’m just a blip that thought dark thought.

Chinese New Year

Wordalicious Sails east this week! Read about more about it here.

East- Write about your eastern experience.

I stand in a crowd of people moving as one

Back and forth to drums beating strongly, proudly, and fierce.

I smell beef cooking at one stall, and duck at another.

I practice some origami as I watch an elder write my name in Chinese calligraphy.

Shiney bobbles glitter, as well as the water holding koi for sale.

They swish back and forth peacefully, colorful.

I see the dragon dancing on the stage going wild

Glowing orange with fire, rainbow of emotion.

Eyes are wild and 


Confetti falls everywhere.