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Giddy Time!

week thirty two by =Ronaaa

My most recent story is in two settings. #1 is on a futuristic planet but it looks like lord of the rings time up in the piece. #2 is in modern times on earth after aliens invade. The MC is from the modern time, and was sent to the futuristic planet from earth by the the main antagonist (the evil alien who set it up so he could invade the planet he sent her to). The minor antagonists are the queen of the future planet and a member of her royal court.

This story has me get all giddy with happiness, it’s very sketchy as of now but just the feel of it makes me want to ramble on for hours. It’s pretty funny since it was an instrumental piece that inspired this whole stories idea. Here is a link to that song:

link to that song.

YEAP. (cheesy smile). 

I am however at a grind right now. There could be two endings but I can’t decide which one I want in order to move forward. And the idea at trying both makes me want to fall on the ground and flail.

Hopefully I figure it out soon.

Second Thoughts

Second thoughts by ~chelsaroo

So I deleted nearly all of my stories from Fiction Press. There are only two that remain—the ones that are completed. I thought I would write and finish the ongoing ones faster but alas I have not… so I just deleted everything and like the dumbass I am forgot to save all the reviews. Now I don’t exactly know what I should improve on. But I’m hoping I have most of them saved on old emails. *crosses fingers*

I’m only going to post stories that are complete, why torture people and myself for meeting deadlines I give myself, right? I tend to write in random bursts anyways. Like once every few months cranking out 10,000 words in one day. It’s like a bad drug binge. My brain is like, fuck everything else and write this shit down. I become obsessive and weird. Or rather, more obsessive and weird than I normally am. XD 

But I think I will find a happy medium and write about what I am writing about, like the feelings I get inside—LMAO—happy or sad.